A Physician's Guide to Staying Independent

Independent physicians are a strong counterbalance to the corporatization of medicine, bringing diversity of practice, philosophy, patient care principles, and competition in the marketplace.

While there are challenges to being an independent physician, there are also considerable benefits and rewards. Notably, independent physicians operate with increased flexibility and autonomy, provide improved patient care, lower patient costs, receive higher job satisfaction and higher earnings potential, to name a few.

How can an Independent Practitioner Thrive Today?

Unleash Your Inner Hero

Putting patients first is what most physicians strive to do. Despite the hurdles, it is still possible for the independent and small medical practice to be successful.

Learn the Details of These 5 Tips for Managing a Sustainable Independent Practice:

  • Rethink your business model
  • Build your brand
  • Invest smartly in technology
  • Carve your niche
  • Form alliances and join organizations




A Physician's Guide to Staying IndependentA Physician's Guide to Staying Independent