Referral Program

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Referral Program

At WRS Health, we strongly value your opinions and are grateful when you share them with us and your colleagues. WRS Health believes that the key to our continued success lies in the support we receive from our satisfied providers.

By way of thanks, we invite you to participate in the WRS Health Referral Program

How It Works


As a WRS Health client you are eligible to earn a $1,000 credit for each provider you refer. No annual limit. No Per practice limit. No limit to the number of providers you can refer and get paid for. The financial credits you earn ($1,000 per referral) can be applied without limit to any WRS Health product cost or subscription fee. The only caveat is that the referred provider must fully implement the WRS Health EHR.*

You can apply your earned credits, to items such as :

  • EHR Subscription Fees
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Services
  • MIPS/Clinical Services

*Applies only to referrals submitted to WRS after 01/31/19

Get Started Today

  • Recommend a Colleague using form below
  • Call The Referral Hot Line: 866-977-4367 Ext 723
  • Get the $1,000 Credited to your WRS Account
  • Do it again!